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Open Box Verification ensures that the right product is delivered without any external damages, and that all the required accessories are enclosed, before accepting delivery.

In case of any issues (damage, missing accessory, or mis-delivery) at the time of Open Box Verification, the delivery partner will raise a return request immediately in your presence. Your order will be cancelled and a refund will be initiated. If you wish to purchase the item again, you will be required to place a new order.

  • OTP request: The One Time Password (OTP) which was sent to your registered Perikart Application needs to be given to the Delivery Personnel to proceed with the verification process. 

  • Check for any external damage: Examine the package for any signs of external damage such as dents, scratches, or tears. If there are any signs of damage, take pictures of the packaging before opening it.

  • Document for any issues: Before proceeding with the verification process a video must also be recorded while unpacking your open box ordered product and be kept by you until you accept the order and pay for the same (applicable for COD). 

  • Open the package: Delivery Partner Opens the package carefully, taking note of any unusual sounds or smells with the customer’s permission.

  • Inspect the contents: Check that all the items in the order are present and in good condition. Verify that the items are the correct size, color, and quantity that were ordered. Look for any defects or damage to the items. Check for any missing parts or accessories.

  • Keep packaging and documents: Keep the packaging and all documentation that came with the order until you are certain everything is satisfactory. This will make it easier to return or exchange items if necessary.

  • Refund on Delivery Failure: Any order that fails to pass open box verification than your refund shall be processed immediately (if the amount was prepaid) by the Delivery Partner. 

By conducting open box verification, you can ensure that, as a customer you will receive a satisfactory order and any issues can be addressed promptly. 

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