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Welcome to Perikart, where we bring you the best of the Indian-commerce industry in an innovative and convenient way. In a world where offline shopping experiences are becoming less desirable, our hyper-local marketplace is here to revolutionize the way you shop, while uplifting local businesses, artisans, and cottage industries in Assam. 

The Indian e-commerce industry is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing in the world, and we are proud to be in the midst of this exciting phase. With the emergence of hyper-local marketing and online shopping trends, consumers like you can now enjoy a more convenient and efficient shopping experience. Hyper-local marketing services target potential customers within a specific geographical area, allowing for timely delivery of products by e-commerce companies. This has resulted in a significant boon for small businesses and local merchants, who can now compete with larger retailers and e-commerce giants. 

At Perikart, we recognized the need to make these services easily accessible to the people of Assam. Therefore, we founded our platform with the mission of ensuring on-time delivery of products to our target audience, while actively supporting local merchants, sellers, and cottage industries. We provide them with a dedicated platform to showcase their products, empowering them to expand their customer base, increase sales, and thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape. 

Our commitment is to deliver a seamless digital experience to buyers, sellers, and delivery persons alike through our user-friendly application. By aligning ourselves with the government's "Vocal for Local" campaign, our platform aims to boost the economy of Assam by uplifting local merchants and providing them with a platform to compete with other e-commerce giants. 

Assam, a state in northeastern India, is known for its rich heritage of handloom and handicrafts. Skilled artisans have been producing exquisite handloom textiles and a diverse range of handicraft items for centuries, contributing not only to the state's economy but also showcasing its cultural heritage and artistic skills to the world. At Perikart, we are passionate about empowering and supporting these industries of Assam, particularly those creating sustainable and handmade products, promoting ethical consumption. 

The handloom industry holds a significant place in Assam's cultural fabric, with products such as Muga silk, Eri silk, and Pat silk being prominent examples of the state's craftsmanship. These materials are used to create stunning sarees, mekhela chadors (traditional Assamese attire), and various garments, all adorned with traditional motifs that reflect the region's cultural heritage. Additionally, Assam is renowned for its diverse range of handicrafts, crafted skillfully using bamboo, cane, wood, metal, clay, and brass. 

Despite their talent and diligence, many of these traditional cottage industries lack access to platforms where they can showcase their work directly and receive the recognition they deserve. By providing them with a dedicated platform, Perikart enables these small-scale businesses to reach a wider customer base and compete in the digital marketplace, allowing their craftsmanship to shine. 

But that's not all. Perikart is not just about promoting cottage industries; it's also an online supermarket offering a wide range of everyday essentials and luxuries. From groceries and electronics to automobile parts, fashion, baby products, sports goods, cosmetics, kitchen items, and home decor, we provide our customers with the best shopping and delivery experience, right in their local area. 

By focusing specifically on hyper-local markets and catering to the needs of local consumers and small-scale businesses within a limited geographical area, Perikart sets itself apart from traditional e-commerce platforms. Operating on a smaller scale allows us to provide faster delivery and personalized services, making us the preferred choice for time-sensitive purchases. Our key differentiator is our commitment to delivering products within a minimum timeline of just 30 minutes, ensuring unmatched convenience for our customers. 

What truly distinguishes Perikart, however, is our unwavering support for local merchants and cottage industries. While global platforms prioritize established brands and larger sellers, we actively promote the growth and visibility of local businesses, contributing to the local economy. By showcasing products from local sellers and cottage industries, we encourage customers to support local businesses and artisans, fostering economic development within the community.


Our personalized recommendations and community engagement features create a more intimate shopping experience. Unlike larger platforms that rely on algorithms for recommendations, Perikart's local focus allows us to provide more tailored suggestions based on users' specific preferences and local context. Additionally, our community engagement features promote a sense of belonging and trust among users, fostering local connections. 

At Perikart, we aim to reshape the retail industry by offering seamless buying, tracking, easy payments, and return options, all in a short span of time. Customers can order products to their desired locations and have them delivered promptly. Our platform is not just about transactions; it's about building a community and leveraging tools for quicker communication. By transforming the local retail industry in India, we have implemented a simple yet effective market system that meets international standards. Customers can now order products online and have them delivered within an hour or two, saving time and fuel costs. At the same time, sellers can generate extra revenue and extend their customer reach in the local segment. Our platform also provides better job opportunities for delivery personnel, truly embodying the principles of hyperlocal commerce. 

While global platforms cater to a wide range of products and sellers from around the world, Perikart focuses on connecting customers with local merchants, emphasizing community-driven commerce. Our hyperlocal approach, focus on quick delivery, support for local businesses, personalized recommendations, and community engagement set us apart from traditional e-commerce platforms, making Perikart an innovative solution for connecting local merchants with customers. 

Welcome to Perikart, where every purchase you make supports local artisans, promotes economic development, and creates a more intimate and convenient shopping experience. Join us in our mission to reshape the retail industry, one local connection at a time.

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